Contact me at the following places

In order of preference:

  1. XMPP: kusoneko[at]kusoneko[dot]moe - I prefer using OMEMO encryption here as proper support for OpenPGP is often broken or difficult to setup. Find my OMEMO fingerprints and verify the OpenPGP signature included in this file.
  2. Email: kusoneko[at]kusoneko[dot]moe - I would prefer being contacted via OpenPGP encrypted emails. My OpenPGP public key can be found here or through the command gpg --recv-keys C1D5B053E62DD03F0A984192ED30AF53C7DC4600.
  3. Fediverse: - This is wildly preferable to twitter or other social media.
  4. IRC: kusoneko - I am online 24/7 on Liberachat, Lainchan, OFTC, Rizon and
  5. Telegram: @hbKusoneko - I don't really like it and find that since the server end is closed source, it's really hard to trust it at all. However, it does support e2ee so long as you go out of your way to turn it on in chats.
  6. Discord: @kusoneko - I really hate this app, but since it's the most commonly used chat app, I often have to use it to talk with some friends. Wish they'd move to XMPP so I could get rid of this garbage.
  7. Twitter: hbKusoneko - Hellsite that I hate and wished people stopped using.
  8. Twitch: hbKusoneko - Amazon-owned streaming platform that I hate and stream rarely on.

Other places I can be found at

  • Keyoxide: kusoneko[at]kusoneko[dot]moe - This is a decentralized replacement for Keybase which got Zoomed[Archive]. You can find my signed proofs here.
  • Kitsu: Kusoneko - The Anime and Manga tracker I currently use.
  • Github, Gitlab and Gitgud: Kusoneko (GH), Kusoneko (GL), Kusoneko (GG) - I don't really use them actively as I prefer using my personal git server, but I occasionally use these to participate in some projects. I especially dislike how popular Github is considering it's closed source and owned by Microsoft of all things.

Deprecated places

  • ZeroNet: kusoneko@zeroid.bit, kusoneko@kxoid.bit - I no longer use this as it has died for all intents and purposes. It was a nice experiment in creating a distributed web, but it's no longer maintained and has some vulnerabilities.
  • Instagram: hbkusoneko - Let's be honest, I only created an account and never actually used it, and I don't foresee that changing since it's owned by Meta.
  • Osu!: HbKusoneko - I've never really seriously played, am not good at it and I probably won't ever try again.
  • Minds: Kusoneko - Was an interesting idea to make an alternative to twitter, unfortunately, fediverse is wildly better, and I basically haven't used it much. I don't think I will either.