Welcome to kusoneko.moe!

Important info first:

My GPG public key is here.

My XMPP OMEMO Fingerprints are located here and are signed with my GPG key.

The Yggdrasil Public Peer info is here and is signed with my GPG key.

The Hyperborea/cjdns Public Peer info is here and is signed with my GPG key.

The mirrors for this site are: i2p Yggdrasil Hyperborea/cjdns tor

This site is a work in progress that will be made soon-ish for now I'm gonna leave a table of ways to reach or find me below. They aren't in any specific order.

Service User info Additional info
Discord Kusoneko#0034 I'm not particularly active in servers and may not reply quickly to DMs.
Github Kusoneko This is where I host most of my git projects, although I might change
that/mirror it on one or more different sites just in case.
Gitlab Kusoneko There is nothing hosted there right now, but it might be one of my
Gitgud Kusoneko Same as Gitlab
GnuPG 0xE5FD4F97502A0BB304F44BA1440515F24B65A136 I highly recommend any email sent to me be encrypted
with this GPG public key and signed with your private key. You can likely obtain it easily
by simply entering either the command gpg --recv-keys E5FD4F97502A0BB304F44BA1440515F24B65A136 or the command wget -O - https://kusoneko.moe/gpg.txt | gpg --import into a terminal.
Instagram hbkusoneko I am not active here, so it's likely better to use something else.
IRC (Freenode) kusoneko I'm not really active here.
IRC (Rizon) kusoneko Same as Freenode.
Keybase hbKusoneko I am not particularly active, so don't
expect instant replies. Also, it got bought by a Chinese company[archive],
so I will likely drop it entirely soon.
Kitsu (MyAnimeList alternative) Kusoneko This is where you can find my anime list.
Minds Kusoneko I am not active here
Misskey (compatible with Gab/Mastodon/
Pleroma -- not sure about diaspora)
I am sorta inactive here due to the lack of friends.
The first one is my personal instance,
the second is the instance I used to test
Mixer Kusoneko I am not active at all in any streaming site.
Osu! HbKusoneko I don't really play and am definitely not active.
Player.me Kusoneko I am no longer active here.
XMPP kusoneko [at] kusoneko [dot] moe Remove the spaces and replaces [at] with @
and [dot] with . and that's my XMPP address.
You should verify my OMEMO fingerprints manually.
Twitch hbkusoneko Same as Mixer.
Twitter hbKusoneko I am quite active here, although I've been
wanting to quit for various reasons, but my
Twitter friends are all there and/or on Discord
both of which I dislike and wish to leave.
So that's annoying.
Email kusoneko [at] kusoneko [dot] moe I recommend using my GPG public key to
encrypt emails.
Tox kusoneko (D8E4A5E926A4E7A85FA40F8CA55D47554F043D3C5CDB457187726F19CE20E52C0D7C3FCE9466) I have this open often but I don't know
anyone who uses it, so maybe now I will?
Matrix @kusoneko:kusoneko.moe
No longer using this for a few reasons: it's kinda
pretending to be decentralized when practically everyone uses the
matrix.org homeserver or the vector.im services, meaning
practically everything passes through them, the homeserver.db file
generated by the homeservers just grow and grow exponentially
in size and you can't wipe things from it to reduce the filesize,
and finally I accidentally deleted said file while trying to
place it on another drive that has more space, and tbh I don't use
it enough to bother continuing to host and use it at all.
In other words, I'm no longer using this. There's plenty of other
alternatives listed here anyways.
Don't know anyone who uses it either. No longer using this.
Telegram @hbKusoneko I don't particularly trust it for e2e
encryption though since it's closed source.
And I don't use it much either.
ZeroNet kusoneko@zeroid.bit
I'm occasionally active on ZeroTalk and

Now below I'll list the services I'm currently hosting on this server.

Service Additional info
Web Obviously...
XMPP Registrations are mostly closed. I may let friends register if they ask and I trust them enough. The reason being that there is a limited amount of storage space.
Misskey Same as XMPP.
Tor hidden service Fully set up and running
Yggdrasil Public Peer and mirror Mirror is up and public peer info is up
cjdns/Hyperborea Public Peer and mirror See Yggdrasil
I2P mirror Set up and running

Next are the services which were once hosted or planned to be hosted but now aren't for one reason or another

Next are the planned services to be added soonish.

Next is a list of ways to donate to me if for some reason you wish to do so. That might help with getting a bigger server and relaxing the restrictions on registrations for the various services

Below are images of ratings and certifications that are offered for any servers.

xmpp.net score xmpp XEP compliance score Valid CSS!