Welcome to kusoneko.moe!

Short introduction

I'm called Kusoneko online, often shortened to Kuso or Neko. Welcome to my page! I like self-hosting stuff, anime, reading, programming, technology and so on.

Services hosted by me

  • Web: Duh.
  • XMPP: Registrations are closed. I may let friends register if they ask and I trust them enough. The reason being that there is a limited amount of storage space.
  • Misskey: Registrations are closed as well for the same reason.
  • Cgit-pink: Where my personal projects are being hosted.
  • Tor hidden service: Fully set up and running.
  • Yggdrasil: Mirror and public peer info are up.
  • Hyperborea/cjdns: Mirror and public peer info are up.
  • I2P: Mirror is up.
  • Web Key Directory: Allows retrieval of my GPG keys using WKD.
  • Mail: Finally "self-hosted" email stuff. Through a VPS, so not exactly true self-hosting yet... But it's better than relying on a free email host for corpos, I guess. As with everything else though, only me on it cause disk space and spam reputation and I set passwords manually.
  • Gemini: Basically an alternative web but less bloated by design.
  • Gopher: Old protocol that used to compete with the web but lost the war. Fortunately it's still usable and is also less bloated than the web, unfortunately it doesn't support SSL, and is always unencrypted.

Abandoned services

  • Freenet mirror: I tried it for a while and my experience was that it was literally unusable, it would eat up all the ram I had available on the computer I tested it on (all 16GB of it + the 24GB of swap I setup on the machine in question) and this server already doesn't have that much ram, it does this by forking itself into an infinite amount of processes which render the computer so slow it responds in slow motion aka it took me over an hour to kill all of the processes in question and to disable the service. I am not risking it on this remote server with way lower resources that already occasionally uses over 90% ram.
  • Gitea: massive server to host a bunch of tiny personal projects, so I swapped to cgit-pink and freed some ram.
  • Matrix: the database bloats up massively for no reason in a few weeks and eats up all the storage space available and renders everything unusable. I deleted it and it's database. I'm never installing this garbage on my server ever again. They've literally known about this bug since 2018 (and it's 2023 as of this, and the issue is still open) and apparently did nothing about it. Says a lot about the devs' competence to be quite honest. Why everyone's using this instead of XMPP is beyond me.

Planned stuff

  • Anything else that catches my interest and I decide to set up. You can contact me with such suggestions if you wish. I prefer hosting FLOSS/FOSS/OSS over closed source ones.

Support me

  • Throne gifts
  • Patreon
  • Ko-fi
  • Liberapay
  • Bitcoin: 392vNm4snd6BbPheDV377jfKQEEW4gHNzV
  • Ethereum: 0x80E50D4198162aA1E479ba00EdfEc481e892aF20
  • Monero: 49FTyiAU5txhzF8wuTs1DZGA2SmYWmxorjZYZjvpp2ApDXbnuKwgGBJN1dT81ZbVmRG5M1PNfVaT3FDAyxe6ACDgKFEGMD2
  • I may add extra crypto currencies if you prefer them, or offer other methods if contacted.

Certifications and other images

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