About me!


I'm known as Kusoneko online, also often shortened to either Kuso or Neko. I like technology, languages and learning. I often read webnovels, books and manga. I occasionally watch anime. I rarely moonlight as a Vtuber.

I have currently mastered the following languages: English and French. I have some basic knowledge of German. I am currently learning Japanese.

I have some experience with many programming languages of various kinds. I can use most shell languages competently and I know how to use Python3 pretty well. I have in the past used the following languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Lua and PHP. I dislike Javascript a lot and wish other languages were usable for front-end web development, as I will probably inevitably have to touch that someday as part of the horror known as work. I wish to master C, mostly because I've grown to love minimalist technology, in the sense of stuff that you can easily learn how to modify the code of, or that does one simple thing and does it well.

I am very excited for RISC-V and hope it will one day replace both ARM/AArch64 and x86/amd64 as CPU architectures so that we can one day have free libre open source hardware to go with our free libre open source software.